Islam in Contemporary Africa: Liminality and Re-Islamization

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Affiliation: Department of Asian and African Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg
Address: Russian Federation, St. Petersburg
Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 7

The article is devoted to the analysis of the Islamic factor in political processes in Africa. The author analyzes whether the concept of «re-Islamization» can be applied to modern African realities and if it covers the entire African space or may be applied only to its part. The article reviews the Muslim countries of Africa in the context of the concept of dependent development and the phenomena of «Liminality» and «re-Islamization» in the countries and societies of Africa in the polarization of the Muslim spiritual elite on the scale of minimalism-maximalism. The author characterizes the Islamic States and Islamic international organizations on the African continent, provides information about the spread of Islam and the number of Muslims in Africa. The author describes the crises of elites, that has spread over almost all the countries of the Islamic area. This crisis stimulated the split within the local Islamic communities (Umma). Religious and ideological platforms of minimalism and maximalism appeared. After 2001 and particularly after the events of the Arab Spring of 2011-2012 many Islamic countries of Africa found themselves in the transition period (liminality) and even re-Islamization.

KeywordsAfrica, Islam, Islamic factor, Liminality, re-Islamization
Publication date07.08.2019
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