Issue 9

  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Nonlinear Systems
Multidimensional output stabilization of a certain class of uncertain systems Arkady Gelig / Irina Zuber Pages 3-17
Synthesis of the control system for a second order non-linear object with an incomplete description S. Kolesnikova Pages 18-30
Stochastic Systems
A method of generating random vectors with a given probability density function B. Darhovsky / A. Aliev / A. Popkov / Yu. Popkov Pages 31-45
Estimating the probability of a class at a point by the approximation of one discriminant function V. Zenkov Pages 46-58
Discrete product inventory control system with positive service time and two operation modes D. Shajin / A. Krishnamoorthy / R. Razumchik / B. Benny Pages 59-78
Control in Social Economic System
Synthesis of self-checking combination devices based on allocating special groups of outputs D. Efanov / V. Sapozhnikov / Vl. Sapozhnikov Pages 79-94
Intellectual Control Systems, Data Analysis
Learning radial basis function networks with the trust region method for boundary problems M. Zhukov / V. Gorbachenko / L. Elisov Pages 95-105
Indicators, models and methods for analysis and estimation of structures of conceptually connected texts P. Parkhomenko / I. Pavlovskii Pages 106-121
Optimization, System Analysis, and Operations Researc
Optimization of measurement points positioning in a border control synthesis problem for the process of heating a rod K. Aida-zade / V. Hashimov Pages 122-142
Optimizing the operation of rolling stock in organizing cargo transportation at a railway network segment A. Naumov / M. Buyanov Pages 143-158

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