On the reform of the executive power and the structures of the executive bodies in the Russian Federation

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Affiliation: National Research University Higher School of Economics
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameObshchestvo i ekonomika
EditionIssue 5

In the history of modern Russian government transformations, one of the central events was the passing of Presidential Decree № 314 of March 9, 2004 “On the system and structure of federal executive bodies”, which noticeably changed the composition of government bodies and their responsibilities.  In the following years there were a significant number of changes in the structures of the executive bodies.

The article compares the initial and modern structure of the executive power, showing which ideas of the administrative reform -2003 proved to be viable, and which did not pass the test of practice.

Keywordsthe structure of executive power, administrative reform, separation of powers.
Publication date03.06.2019
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