Issue 4

  • Volume: 56
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The equation of state, composition and conductivity of supercritical iron vapor in the framework of the model plasma fluid A. Homkin / A. Shumikhin Pages 483-489
Inhibition of the "magnetized" sphere in a hypersonic rarefied plasma flow V. Shuvalov / N. Tokmak / N. Pismenny / S. Kulagin / G. Kochubey Pages 490-498
The process of deposition of a charged polydisperse gas suspension on the surface of the plate in an electric field A. Tukmakov / N. Kashapov / D. Tukmakov / M. Fazlyyakhmatov Pages 499-503
Study of the stage of binding of a welding arc discharge of direct current of direct polarity on the surface of aluminum A. Balanovsky Pages 504-514
Caloric properties of hydrocarbons in the liquid, gas and supercritical states. N-heptane M. Kuznetsov / E. Grigoryev / S. Lazarev Pages 515-526
Temperature behavior of the viscosity of quasicrystal-forming Al – Cu – Fe melts L. Kamaeva / A. Korepanov / V. Ladyanova Pages 527-532
Estimation of parameters of corrosion processes in the Na – K eutectic melt using metal solution models V. Krasin / S. Soyustova Pages 533-542
Electrically conductive ceramics based on Al – AlN – TiB2 A. Karpov / D. Kovalev / I. Borovinskaya / A. Sytchev Pages 543-547
Thermodynamic calculation of the characteristics of the thermionic emission of metals M. Nikitin / N. Chilingarov / S. Osin / E. Osina Pages 548-554
Simulation by the elementary cell method of heat conduction processes in porous composite materials B. Baigaliev / S. Temnikova / A. Cherenkov / A. Chernoglazova Pages 555-562
Investigation of local heat transfer in the vicinity of the contact line under steam bubbles during boiling of liquids V. Serdyukov / A. Surtaev / A. Pavlenko / A. Chernyavsky Pages 563-570
Calculation of the three-dimensional temperature field taking into account radiative heat transfer in the tube chambers furnaces with acoustic burners D. Vafin / A. Sadykov / M. Butyakov Pages 571-577
The temperature field of the turbulent flow in the well, taking into account the dependence of the heat capacity on temperature O. Akhmetova / A. Filippov / A. Shabarov Pages 578-584
The deterioration of heat transfer during boiling emulsions with low-boiling dispersed phase B. Gasanov Pages 585-588
Intensification of heat transfer in a flat continuous diffuser V. Lushik / A. Reshmin Pages 589-596
Separation of particles in an annular confused channel with an internal rotating permeable partition V. Devisilov / E. Sharay Pages 597-602
On the effectiveness of various technologies for the preparation and use of wet fuels in the energy sector V. Kovbasyuk Pages 603-608
Femtosecond laser technology for processing solid-state materials: the creation of functional surfaces and selective modification of nanoscale layers S. Romashevsky / S. Ashitkov / M. Agranat Pages 609-630
Peculiarities of the distribution of atomic level populations in a highly ionized arc plasma of helium L. Dyachkov / D. Kavyrshin / O. Korshunov / V. Chinnov Pages 631-634
Deviations from the Wiedemann-Franz law in a partially ionized metal plasma E. Apfelbaum Pages 635-638
Enthalpy and heat capacity of liquid rubidium in the temperature range 480-1000 K S. Stankus / I. Savchenko / O. Yatsuk Pages 639-642

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