What Would an Interview about the Sociology of Culture with the Teacher Look Like

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In connection with the centenary of the Soviet and Russian scientist (sociologist, philosopher, culturologist) Lev Naumovich Kogan (1923–1997), the article specifies his contribution to the revival, formation and development of the national sociology of culture. The form of a nonreal interview was used. The author interpreted research materials from articles and monographs of L.N. Kogan. His “self-fulfilling” theory of culture is discussed, which defined culture as a measure of the realization of the essential forces (needs and abilities) of a person in his life. Culture with such an activity-based approach was not limited to accumulated achievements, wealth, the totality of cultural heritage, it also included “live” activity for their production, preservation, distribution and development. The understanding of creativity also changed qualitatively: its most important result turned out to be not only certain (material or spiritual) products of creativity, but also the development of the person himself, his ability, skill and desire to create. Culture acquired a human-creative character, and a person became not only an object of cultural influence, but also a subject of cultural development. Even the official goal of "communist" education - the comprehensive development of personality - within the framework of this theory received not a quantitative (versatility, versatility), but a qualitative dimension - the most complete development of a person as a subject of culture.

Keywordssociology of culture, self-realization theory, essential human forces, actual culture, upbringing, all-round development of personality, socialization and individualization, social planning
Publication date07.04.2023
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