Prospects for Russian-Mongolian cooperation in the eyes of the citizens of the two countries

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Occupation: Deputy Director; Principal Researcher
Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS
Address: Moscow, Russian Federation, Moscow
Occupation: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 6

The paper analyzes the results of sociological research conducted in Russia and Mongolia in order to identify the views of citizens of the two countries on the Russian-Mongolian relations and the prospects for the Greater Eurasian Partnership. In Mongolia, a field survey was conducted in 6 aimags (n=692); in Russia, an Internet survey was conducted (n=624), which was supplemented by expert views (n=27). The results showed high indices of mutual positive perception of Russians and Mongols (⁓81) among the countries of Eurasia. The study revealed a high level of interest and awareness of Mongols about Russia. Highlighting the priorities of economic development, the respondents named them based on the specialization of their country: for Russia – industry, science, tourism, energy; for Mongolia – animal husbandry, industry, tourism, education. It shows the objective need for rapprochement and establishment of trade, transport and energy cooperation on the basis of the international division of labor. It is the pragmatic and friendly relations as a result of long-term ties that serve as the basis for intercivilizational interaction between Russia and Mongolia in the context of integration processes in Eurasia.

Keywordsintegration, Greater Eurasian partnership, mutual perception of peoples, Russia, Mongolia, cooperation, civilization
AcknowledgmentThe authors acknowledge support of RFBR the Ministry of Culture, Education, Science and Sports of Mongolia (grant № 19-511-44012 “Inter-civilizational interaction of Russia and Mongolia in the context of the Great Eurasian Partnership”)
Publication date28.06.2022
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