Profession of Sociologist: Applicants' Ideals and Students' Consensus

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Affiliation: Altai State University
Address: Russian Federation, Barnaul
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 8

The article is devoted to analysis of the problem of choosing a future profession. Based on the methodological principles of the sociology of professions and the conducted empirical research, results were obtained that give an idea of the image of the future profession. At the same time, as part of the empirical study, interviews were conducted with applicants from Russian universities (N=34), then became students (N=20). The idea was to track how the ideals of the future profession of applicants were preserved or changed in the future after some time of training in the field of «sociology» at universities. The paper uses the concepts of ideals and idealization of the future profession. The concept of consensus was applied to students ' perceptions of how much their ideals changed after a period of study. The «constructive», «value» and «epistemological» ideals of the future profession of sociologist were revealed. All of them influenced the formation of the image of the profession among University applicants when they chose the direction of training. At the same time, the consensus of students was achieved by the fact that in their views a number of ideals were unchanged, and some ideals were transformed. This circumstance also influenced the formation of the image of the profession, in this case, the profession of sociologist. The main conclusion of the study is that the positive image of the future profession is influenced not only by its idealization, but also by a consensus in which some ideals are overestimated and naturally lost.

Keywordsрrofession of sociologist, choice of profession, profession ideals, applicants and students
Publication date27.09.2021
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