Will E-Health Make Medicine More Accessibile?

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Affiliation: Russian State University for the Humanities
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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionIssue 11

The paper is dedicated to a comprehensive research of digital technology in the Russian public healthcare system. Most attention is paid to the access to high-quality medical services for the population, personnel shortages, qualification and additional professional training of medical specialists. The author attempts to assess potential negative effects eventually expected in the short term due to educational strategy change of the Russian healthcare in view of the transition from certification to accreditation of specialists as part of the continuing medical education program. The use of telemedicine technology along with remote diagnostics is considered as an effective but slow and inactive implemented tool to solve the problem of people’s access to medical care in our country. The results of medical specialists surveys and opinion polls report a high degree of medical specialists’ awareness with low public awareness of telemedicine. The author suggests that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic allowed a new look at telemedicine technologies, has updated the adoption of additional legislative decisions to improve remote medical services in Russia.

Keywordsaccessibility of medical services, quality of medical services, continuous medical education, electronic healthcare, telemedicine, remote medicine, online diagnostics
Publication date22.12.2020
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