Rural Universes: A Sociological Reconstruction

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Affiliation: Center for Agrarian Studies, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
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of peasant being. The author analyzes this concept and concludes that «rural universe» can not be reduced either to the world of humdrum, or to the life world, or to a set of identities, or to a particular type of mentality, but is to a certain extent a self-sufficient, relatively independent entity. This approach is argued in this article with a variety of historiographical and sociological material. «Rural universe» is presented mainly as a supra-personal, supra-individual construct. A separate a separate story of the article is devoted to the analysis of the rural world of the collective-farm era. The mood of the rural universe of the collective-farm era is characterized by a revitalization, ostentatious vivacity, a kind of «loud silence». It was this rural world that became the arena of the coming shadow activity, of the increased blat, of large and small thievery. The article is also of interest as a detailed citation of oral family histories recorded during field sociological studies of peasant Russia.

Keywordscommunity, rural universe, social and economic practices, the universe as a sum of things, the universe as a mood of harmony, a village as the universe, oral histories, rural humdrum, the evolution of rural universes
AcknowledgmentThe publication was prepared within the framework of the RFBR-supported scientific project No. 18-011-00029.
Publication date05.06.2019
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