Delimitative Mode of Action

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Occupation: Head Researcher
Affiliation: Federal Research Center “Informatics and Management” of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: 44-2 Vavilova Str., Moscow, 119333, Russia
Journal nameIzvestiia Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Seriia literatury i iazyka
EditionVolume 79 Issue 3
AbstractThe text offered here for the readers' attention was intended by its author Elena V. Paducheva for the “Russian corpus grammar” project ( The present version was completed in September 2018, and the author meant to proofread it, but unfortunately, in July 2019, Elena Viktorovna Paducheva passed away. The text, as we have it, appears to be a finished piece of work in itself, which contains extremely stimulating and original thoughts on Russian delimitative verbs. In memory of an outstanding scholar, constant contributor to the Journal, and our dear colleague, we publish the text here just as E.V. Paducheva left it in her archives.
Keywordsdelimitative verbs, semantics, actional verb classes, limitative verbs, prefix pо-
Publication date01.07.2020
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