From the history of the stay of Hungarian prisoners of war in Udmurtia in 1943–1949

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Affiliation: Udmurt Institute of history, language and literature of the Udmurt Federal research center of the Ural branch RAS
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Journal nameSlavianovedenie
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The paper considers the life and activity of the Hungarian prisoners of war (PoWs) in Udmurtia in 1943–1949. The research is conducted on the basis of archival documents. A part of the materials was earlier unknown to scholars. The article contains data about the quantity of a former soldiers and officers of the Hungarian army who lived and worked in the republic. The paper deals with a labour activity of the Hungarian PoWs, a cure in the special points of a medical service, an antifascist measures for the PoWs. The author states that conditions in the Soviet captivity were for Hungarian PoWs better than for the Germans because the repatriation of former soldiers and officers of the Hungarian army began earlier and the treatment by the camp administration and Soviet citizens was more tolerable.

KeywordsUdmurtia, Hungarian prisoners of war, camps, special hospitals
AcknowledgmentThe article was prepared with the support of the Comprehensive program of fundamental scientific research of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, project No. 18-6-6-38.
Publication date28.01.2020
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