"A lie – it is nice!"Lies In the artistic world of Dostoevsky

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Affiliation: Leningrad regional branch of St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia
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Article is devoted to a research of functions of a lie in the art world of Dostoyevsky. The lie is considered as the special cognitive and life-creating element inherent in many heroes of F.M. Dostoyevsky. The analysis of a number of artistic images allows to draw a conclusion that a lie in Dostoyevsky›s interpretation is a vastly multifunctional phenomenon. In ability to «lie» the creative, altruistic onset which makes an artistic image more complex and multifaceted is reflected. The absence of especially pragmatical motivation to a lie is capable to enrich an image of a hero in aesthetic dimension. The elements of a lie promote disclosure of creative imagination of the hero. These elements interface contextual interrelations. In a state of altered consciousness, the hero is capable unexpectedly «to lie through to the truth», to the supra-historical truth and prophecies.

KeywordsF.M. Dostoyevsky, lie, elements of creative lifespan, aesthetic function, creators of aesthetic reality, art fiction, «casual words»
Publication date13.10.2018
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