Is There a Phenomenon of Colloquial Stress?

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Affiliation: Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameRusskaya Rech’
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The appearance of the facts of spoken phonetics is due to the situation of speech, first of all, the inclination to the informal, non-public, relaxed, routine nature of communication. Is it possible to talk about conversational accents? It is plausible to recognize the presence of the phenomenon of conversational stress only when the same person's speech changes the place of stress in the same words and word forms in case the communication situation changes. There are situations in which the speaker ceases to control their speech fully, and, to a certain extent, relaxes. For instance, any educated person knows that the dictionaries require the pronunciation of balovát’, vkliuchít, zhaliuzí, kúchonnyi, sv’ókla, and the person pronounces it when the quality of their speech is important to them and others. But at other times a person can afford to say bálovat’, vkliúchit, zháliuzi, kuchónnyi, sveklá. A native speaker feels that these options do not contradict the laws of the system and are about to become normative, and allows them in the speech.

It appears that many new accentological phenomena are tested in colloquial speech before acquiring the status of a full-fledged norm. It seems that the distribution of such variants is the implementation of the opposition codified - colloquial.

Keywordspronunciation norm, accentological norms, codified stress norms, colloquial stress norms, speech situation
Publication date28.04.2023
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