Аn ensemble of tubulins in onion roots and their properties

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Affiliation: Zubow Consulting
Address: Germany
Affiliation: Zubow Consulting
Address: Germany
Affiliation: Group of the Telecommunication Networks Division
Address: Germany
Journal nameRossiiskaia selskokhoziaistvennaia nauka
EditionNumber 6

Using the gravitational mass spectroscopy (GMS) the dynamics of domains in the region of the tubulin coil oscillations (43-60 kDa) in onion roots was studied. At the ends of roots, the signals from 6 tubulin oscillators with masses of 43,288; 46,231; 49,412; 52,698; 55,940 and 59,433 kDa were detected. They were then compared with those in the side part of the roots, both in the biomatrix (in vivo) and in the dehydrated root samples. These domains were found to be in the expanded forms, mostly. The influence of external sound frequencies being identical with the oscillation frequencies of these domains (1337 ± 1 Hz), forced the domains to accept the collapsed conformations (after 15 min) and thereby stop the growth of the roots. A microtubule model based on 6 kinds of tubulins and water clusters was given.

Keywordsgravitational mass spectroscopy, onions, tubulins, ensemble, molecular masses, microtubules
Publication date18.12.2018
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