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Occupation: dean of psychology and social work faculty Tv SU
Affiliation: FSBEI HE “Tver State University”
Address: Tver, Russian Federation
Occupation: head of the psychology chair Tv SU
Affiliation: FSBEI HE “Tver State University”
Address: Russian Federation
Journal namePsikhologicheskii zhurnal
EditionVolume 40 issue 3


Universal tendencies in the global world discussed in the article “Psychological science in the global world: challenges and prospects” by A.L. Zhuravlev, I.A. Mironenko, A.V. Yurevich are analyzed. The development problems of global psychology as multipolar network foundation is being considered. Historical view on the world global psychology development is presented pointing out the meaning of Russian psychological school. At the end of the article the conclusion is made concerning the necessity of active integration between Russian psychology and world scientific community.

Keywordsglobal psychology, “alternative” psychologies, “indigenous” psychology, the discourse of global psychology, development tendencies, Russian psychological school, integration process
Publication date25.04.2019
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