Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Efficient Implementation of OpenGL SC for Avionics Embedded Systems Boris Barladian / Alexey Voloboy / Vladimir Galaktionov / Vladimir Knyaz’ / Igor Koverninskii / Yuri Solodelov / Vladimir Frolov / Lev Shapiro Pages 3-10
Photorealistic Rendering of Images Formed by Augmented Reality Optical Systems D. Zhdanov / Alexey Voloboy / Vladimir Galaktionov / А. Zhdanov / A. Garbul / V. Sokolov / I. Potyomin Pages 11-25
Integration of Realistic Computer Graphics into Computer-Aided Design and Product Lifecycle Management Systems Boris Barladian / Lev Shapiro / Vladimir Galaktionov / Alexey Voloboy Pages 26-35
Modern Problems of Software Integration in Computer Graphics Applications and Ways to Solve Them Vladimir Frolov / Vadim Sanzharov Pages 36-45
A Method for Generation of Synthetic 2D and 3D Cryo-EM Images Nadezhda Anoshina / Tamerlan Sagindykov / Dmitry Sorokin Pages 46-54
Refinement of the Coherent Point Drift Registration Results by the Example of Cephalometry Problems Dmitry Lachinov / Vadim Turlapov / Alexandra Getmanskaya Pages 55-66
Using Scientific Visualization Systems to Automate Monitoring of Data Generated by Lightweight Programmable Electronic Devices Konstantin Ryabinin / Svetlana Chuprina Pages 67-76
Approach to Non-Contact Measurement of Geometric Parameters of Large-Sized Objects Alexey Mikhailichenko / Anatoly Kleshenkov Pages 77-85
Estimating the AGE of Birch Bark Manuscripts using Computational Paleography Kirill Sidorov Pages 86-96
Human Recognition by Appearance and Gait Sergey Arseev / Vladimir Lutov / Anton Konushin Pages 97-106

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