Atmospheric Precipitation: 60 Years of Regular Observations

Publication type Article
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Affiliation: A.I.Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory
Address: Russian Federation, St.Petersburg
Affiliation: A.I.Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory
Address: Russian Federation, St.Petersburg
Address: Russian Federation
Journal namePriroda
EditionIssue №8

2018 marks 60 years of observations of the chemical composition of precipitation in our country. The article tells about the history of these work formation, about the most important achievements and the main results obtained over the past period. The results of the assessments show that about 80% of air pollutants from local and regional sources are washed away by precipitation. Self-cleaning effect of the atmosphere is showed through spatial and temporal changes of chemical composition and acidity of wet and dry air dropout. The previously unknown features have been discovered during the studies in the Russian Arctic. High degree of acidification variability of precipitation because of natural and anthropogenic factors and the applied value of these observations are shown.


Keywordsprecipitation, acidity, the amount of ions, pH, salinity, environment, wet dropout
Publication date04.10.2018
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