The Black Sea: Ups-and-Downs in Domestic Fishery

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Institute of Geography, RAS
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The retrospective historical and geographical analysis of the Black Sea domestic fishery development has been made. The mechanisms, chronology, and causes of the changes (succession) of the top-priority objects of fishery in the second half of the 20th century for bonito, large scad, bluefish, chub mackerel, and some low-abundant but valuable by their tastiness fish species, including surmullet, mullets, and sturgeons have been established. The consequences of natural and anthropogenic changes, resulted in crisis of fishery industry in 1989–1991 and its transition to depressive state in the late 20th century have been assessed.

Keywordsthe Black Sea, history of fishery, commercial fishery objects, the geography of fisheries
Publication date18.10.2018
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