Issue 5

  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Scientific heritage of V.O. Kononenko: Sommerfeld-Kononenko effect R. Ganiev / T. Krasnopolskaya Pages 3-15
Actual problems of engineering and their solutions. Wave and additive technologies, machine-tool construction, robot-surgery R. Ganiev / V. Glazunov / G. Philippov Pages 16-25
Influence of the type of residual unbalance on the navibroactivity of the two-span rotor with different curvature of the axis during the coast down O. Volokhovskaya / O. Barmina Pages 26-33
Accumulation of damages with variable loading of cyclically hardening material at the stages of formation and development of cracks A. Romanov / N. Philimonova / G. Nesterenko Pages 34-40
A generalized equation for the opening of a through-ring crack in a thick-walled clad pipeline Yu. Matvienko / D. Kuzmin Pages 41-48
Model of the process of destruction of anisogride composite structure N. Azikov / A. Zinin Pages 49-56
Simulation of an implementation diagram for topocomposites N. Voronin Pages 57-65
Estimated justification for the protection of promising machines and man-machine systems according to the criteria for the risk of accidents and catastrophes N. Makhutov / M. Gadenin / A. Lepikhin / Yu. Shokin Pages 66-75
On nonlinear deformation in stress waves of 3-dimensional piecewise homogeneous media V. Petushkov Pages 76-90
Tribological studies of lubricants D. Khasyanova / M. Tananov / A. Mikheev / A. Albagachiev Pages 91-95
On the prospects for the development and use of nonlinear wave technologies for the processing of energy condensed systems O. Ganiev / I. Saifullin / S. Panin / R. Ganiev Pages 96-100
Finite element modeling of technology of multiple laser-shock-wave processing of materials using the method of intrinsic deformations G. Sakhvadze Pages 101-108

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