Party Diplomacy in China’s Foreign Policy: “CCP Dialogue with the World-2023”

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Journal nameProblemy Dalnego Vostoka
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The Chinese Communist Party holds bilateral, regional, international meetings with representatives of the ruling and opposition political parties of the world (“Dialogues”) and considers them as a channel for strengthening the role of Chinese party diplomacy as a part of Chinese diplomacy as a whole, especially towards laying the foundation for building a “Community of the Common Destiny of Mankind”. The “Top Level CCP Dialogue with the World Political Parties” has been held since 2017 and replaced the less ambitious “CCP Dialogue with the World” held in 2014-2016. The leaders of the ruling parties, heads of states and governments began to take part in its work. “Dialogue — 2023”, like all previous meetings, discusses the role of the ruling party and its responsibility for the future of their country and the humanity. The key theme of the current “Dialogue” — “The path to modernization: the responsibility of political parties” was chosen to introduce to the world parties the concepts outlined by the 20th Congress of the CCP. CCP has informed the world parties about Chinese innovative proposals: “Global Modernization” that is a joint development for all mankind and “Global Civilization” that is an idea of respect for different civilizations, recognition of their equality, refusal to impose alien values, intensification of humanitarian exchanges. Xi Jinping t delivered a key speech. The online forum, held on March 15, 2023, was attended by representatives of 500 political parties from 150 countries and regions. New times pose new challenges, and China, moving to a high-tech model, shares its models with the world, at the same time shows willingness to help others in the future development. As during previous “Dialogue” forums, the CCP emphasized its role as a peace-loving major power that concerns for humanity, proposes a plan for collective cooperation in the field of development of human civilization, ways to establish an equitable world order against the systemic crisis of the Western idea of globalization.

KeywordsCCP dialogue with the world political parties, party diplomacy, Xi Jinping, Global Modernization, Global civilization
Publication date01.09.2023
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