A Study on the Pilot Experiment of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone

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Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone is strategically positioned as "an experimental field for reform and innovation, a demonstration zone for deepening cross-straits economic cooperation and a new high ground for opening up and cooperation among countries and regions along "The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road". The Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone has introduced an “Early and Pilot Implementation” policy in terms of accelerating the transformation of government functions, promoting investment and trade facilitation, innovating the cooperation model between Fujian and Taiwan, deepening financial reform and innovation, creating an open "Maritime Silk Road", etc. The Fujian FTZ devised a number of innovative projects, which are ready for implementation in other regions of China. However, there are challenges that have arisen in past years. In the future development, we can continue to exert our strengths in giving play to regional advantages, deepening cooperation with Taiwan Province, and continuously optimizing the business environment.

KeywordsFujian Pilot Free Trade Zone, Early and Pilot Implementation, innovation practice, high quality service
AcknowledgmentThe article was prepared with the support of the National Social Science Foundation Project in China (Project 19BGL219) and with the support of the Prosperity of Philosophy and Social Sciences Project of Xiamen University.
Publication date16.02.2022
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