The features of German strategic pervasion to the Far East in the early 2020-s

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Affiliation: Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Journal nameProblemy Dalnego Vostoka
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The phenomenon of the cold war is a form of a new world political order formation. In this context the paper issues Germany`s approach to the participation in the US — Chinese confrontation and the emergence of Bundeswehr`s presence in Asian-Pacific region as a part of German attempts to become а world power. The author stresses the unreadiness of Germany to participate in the «containment» of the PRC in 2014-2019 and presents the reasons of this approach, including the Сold war between the Euro-Atlantic community and Russia. The article reveals a group of factors that predetermined Germany's transition to accelerated variant of military penetration into the Far East in 2020-2021. These factors are the emergency evacuation of the Bundeswehr from Afghanistan, the COVID-19 pandemic, the coming to power of the Joe Biden`s administration. From February — March 2021 Germany has joined in putting pressure on China, but strictly limiting its volume and quality. The scientific paper researches the dynamics and the forms of German turn to advanced cooperation in the sphere of security and defence with Singapore and Japan at the turn of the 2010-s — 2020-s. The creation of AUKUS (2021, September 15) has become the strategic shock for Germany. This factor shows the illusory of official Berlin`s hopes for a complete rejection of Trump`s attitudes in US foreign policy by J. Biden. The paper pays special attention to the features and «narrow places» of German-Australian relations in military-political sphere since middle 2010-s until the beginning of 2020-s. In this regard the diplomatic mission of the first Bundeswehr`s war ship in the Pacific Ocean during the second half of 2021 is presented. The article concludes about the transformation of German military presence in the Far East and German participation in the Сold war in the region.

KeywordsGermany, PRC, the USA, Singapore, Japan, Australia, AUKUS, Cold war, diplomacy, Bundeswehr
Publication date16.02.2022
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