The Chinese Factor in the Direction of the SCO Development in the Post-pandemic Period

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Occupation: Lecturer
Affiliation: Institute for Central Asian Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, Lanzhou University
Address: 222, Tianshui street, Lanzhou, 730000, China
Journal nameProblemy Dalnego Vostoka
EditionIssue 5

The author notes that the coronavirus infection has brought serious threats to the further development of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), firstly, the coronavirus infection slows down the economic growth of the SCO member states, and secondly, the effectiveness of containing the coronavirus infection depends more on authoritative and holistic methods of governments, their intention to take full responsibility for the situation and activate reserves, leadership, effectiveness officials. Moreover, COVID-19 has seriously impacted the regional security environment in the SCO member states. The governments of different countries do not have sufficient experience in dealing with the sudden spread of this disease. It is noted that the new Chinese initiative to create health community, development community, security community, humanistic community will have great positive impact on the restoration of the development of the social economy and the creation of public order in the member countries of the organization. At the end of the article, problems and solutions are considered in the course of the implementation of the creation of these four communities in the SCO space. The "SCO + N" regime offers a platform for member states with external actors to develop and strengthen cooperation in a bilateral format and helps to reduce the gap in the economic development of countries in the SCO space. Strengthening the status of the organization in terms of legitimacy and the search for common stakeholders in coordination and consultations between the Russian Federation, China, and India provide a favorable environment for the further development of the organization.

KeywordsSCO, COVID-19, The "SCO+N" regime, format«C5+1», four communities
Publication date18.10.2021
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