External Debt of China: Current State and Prospects

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Occupation: Associate Professor at the Department of World Economy and World Finance
Affiliation: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameProblemy Dalnego Vostoka
EditionIssue 3

The paper focuses on analysis of dynamics, trends and specifics of the modern composition of external debt of China based on studying statistics compiled by the international financial institutions. On the basis of comparative analysis, the place of China in the structure of global external debt has been determined. After examination of the basic indicators of external debt sustainability the author makes a conclusion that at present China is in the area of a relatively low level of external debt risk, however rapidly growing short-term corporate external debt can create serious refinancing problems in the future.

Keywordsglobal external debt; external debt of China; public debt of China; corporate external debt; indicators of external debt sustainability
Publication date20.07.2020
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