Asmolov Two Koreas against COVID-19

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Both North and South Korea are interesting examples of successful struggle against COVID-19 — while DPRK almost immediately introduced strict quarantine and isolation regime, being able to prevent the virus from entering the country, ROK, while responding to the threat with some delay, also managed to curb the outbreak in the end.

In both countries, the fight against coronavirus has turned out to be a political issue, and therefore both States had invested as much as possible in solving the problem, using all the means of control according to the available technological level.

Although the policies of both Korean States may entail certain economic problems, Pyongyang and Seoul chose not so much between the health of the nation and the economic crisis, but rather between problems that are under the control of the state and the economic crisis that could occur as a result of losing control of the epidemic. At the same time, South Korea was forced to reckon with the domestic political situation, and North Korea — with a certain deficit in the hospital care system inside the country.

Keywordspandemic, anti-epidemic measures, North Korea, Republic of Korea, coronavirus
Publication date20.07.2020
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