What Modernization Phase do Russia and Its Regions Undergo

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Center for International Relations Studies at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS)
National Research University “Higher School of Economics”
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Journal nameObshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost
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The article analyzes the features, main conceptual approaches and material presentation model in “The Atlas of Modernization in Russia and its Regions: Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Trends and Problems”. Modernization is shown as a part of the global civilizational process in Russia and its regions, Russia's place among other countries in modernization process. An enormous volume of information is disclosed, being the basis of the materials given in the Atlas. An interdisciplinary nature of the study presented in the Atlas is pointed out. This allowed us to consider modernization from the technological, economic, social, political and socio-cultural point of view, and to show modernization as a process associated with rational humanism, in which not only the country and its regions, but also each person is interested.

Keywordsmodernization, civilizational development, federal districts, subjects of the federation, indicators of modernization development
Publication date17.12.2017
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