Modern trends in the evolution of the global monetary and financial system

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Occupation: senior researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Economics RAS
Address: Russian Federation
Journal nameObshchestvo i ekonomika
EditionIssue 8

With due regard for the lessons of the current global financial and economic crisis, the author attempts to outline the conceptual approaches to the reformation of the global monetary system, which determine the principles of its functioning and intergovernmental regulation. 

The basic tenets of the Jamaican monetary system reform regarding the introduction of multicurrency standard and supranational currency; the determination of gold’s future in the global monetary system; the choice of the exchange rate regime; the reorganization of the activities of the International Monetary Fund as an intergovernmental money regulation institution, are being systematized and analyzed. 

Keywordsglobal monetary system; multicurrency standard; supranational global money; gold; exchange rate regime; International Monetary Fund; world monetary and financial crisis; regional currencies
Publication date16.10.2018
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