Amazon Wildfires and Mercosur – EU Relations

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Affiliation: Moscow State Institute of International Relations
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Journal nameLatin America
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The article deals with the relations between the EU and Mercosur pillaring on the example of the FTA agreement between the two blocks. Special attention is paid to an important aspect of the deal which is the environment protection and preservation of the Amazon forests. In an effort to raise national agriculture, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro makes big concessions to farmers who with impunity cut and burn the Amazonian forest. Summer and autumn 2019 saw unprecedented fires, which provoked a huge critique of the local population and European community. Thus, people in Germany, witnessing a growing role of the green lobby, call on the authorities to reject the deal with Mercosur more and more often. Lack of action to counter the fires in the region on behalf of the Brazilian government is likely to affect the ratification of the agreement with Mercosur due to growing influence of the green lobby in Europe and in the Latin American countries.

KeywordsBrazil, Germany, EU, Mercosur, Amazon, climate, commerce
Publication date26.06.2020
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