Brazil and Indonesia: Horizons of a Strategic Partnership

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Affiliation: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Affiliation: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Affiliation: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameLatin America
EditionIssue 6

Brazil and Indonesia have some similarities in national development, rich natural resources, play a leading role in regional blocs (MERCOSUR and ASEAN), are members of the Group 20 (G-20) and adhere to the principles of preventive diplomacy. The aim of the article is to show the role of the concept of strategic partnership in Brazil’s foreign policy, which actively confirms its growing international influence in the UN and other global structures, and to reveal the features of such partnership with Indonesia. Sustainable economic growth, political stability, integration into the global economy, and increased activity on international platforms have made Indonesia an attractive partner. The strategic partnership of two countries began to manifest itself not only in the development of comprehensive ties, but also in cooperation in the international arena while upholding the ideas of sustainable development, disarmament, and peaceful resolution of conflicts. As a methodological toolkit, a problem-chronological method is used, which allows us to analyze the areas of interaction between two countries on the world stage, identify problems and promising areas of partnership, including the oil and gas sector, technology exchange, creating a favorable investment background, coordinating cooperation in international organizations, the desire to show mutual willingness to take into account each other's interests.

Keywordsstrategic partnership, Brazil, Indonesia, interaction, preventive diplomacy, peacekeeping
Publication date21.05.2020
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