Tequila: features of production and consumption

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This article reveals the characteristics of the origin, production and consumption of a Mexican alcoholic drink called tequila. The history of its origin goes back to the XVIII century and is associated with the use by Spanish colonialists of technologies for producing alcohol from the agave plant, from which the local population made a low-alcoholic drink called «pulque». The process of tequila production improved over time, methods of state regulation appeared, which led to the limitation of the cultivation area of blue agave and the emergence of mechanisms for protection against fakes. Tequila has become one of the most popular Mexican drinks, which is in high demand at home and abroad. Its production has become one of the sectors of the agro-industrial complex of several states of Mexico. An analysis of the dynamics of production, domestic consumption and export of tequila over the past ten years shows a decrease in its consumption among local residents, a decrease in its imports by several countries, including Russia, as well as an increase in its exports to the USA, which are the main market for this Mexican product. The author concludes that the main global trend in the tequila market is associated with an increase in demand for better and more elite sorts of tequila.

KeywordsMexico, tequila, production, consumption, export, agave, alcohol
Publication date11.03.2020
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