Historical memory and political polarization in Chile

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The article deals with the problem of public memory of the military coup of 1973 and political repressions carried out by the military authoritarian regime of A. Pinochet (1973-1990). The author analyzes the concept of "memory trauma" in relation to Chile, when the tragic events that divided society in a certain historical period, 45 years later continue to influence modern political relations. The article discusses the various stages of a coherent strategy of democratic governments to restore truth and justice during the periods of P. Aylwin and Ed. Frei Ruiz-Tagle, the policy for the preservation of the memory during the presidency of R. Lagos and M. Bachelet, the results of the work of special commissions, the attitude to pinochetism of modern right wing. At the present stage, the factor of strengthening radical ideological positions, both in the left and in the right part of the political spectrum, is of significant importance, especially in the context of memory activities related to the 45th anniversary of the military coup in 2018. The demonstration of pinochetist sentiments on the part of a number of right-wing people went along with the process of radicalization of the left political spectrum, gaining strength in Chilean society, the fall in the popularity of traditional left-centrism, which was particularly evident during the election campaign of 2017. Analyzing the prospects of the Chilean model of development, the author connects the possibility of overcoming the "trauma of memory" with the expansion and deepening of social policy, its focus on overcoming inequality and segregation in a number of key areas of national development – education, health, creating social lifts for young people from the poor.

KeywordsChile, A.Pinochet, historical memory, National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, R.Lagos, M.Bachelet, S.Piñera, "Neither forgiveness nor oblivion"
Publication date18.11.2019
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