Philipp Trunov

Candidate of Philological Sciences

Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Europe and America

Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences


international relations, international security, German foreign policy, NATO

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Is Germany a new global military gamer? (Vestnik RAS) -
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The Reforms of German Armed Forces in 1920s — 1930s and 1990s — the Beginning of 2020s: the Featrures and Common Characteristics (ISTORIYA) -
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German-Turkish Relations during the Modern Period: Military-Political Aspects (Vostok. Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost) -
The Evolution of German Strategy towards the Syrian Direction: Political-Military Aspects (Vostok. Afro-Aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost) -
The Process of Strengthening by Germany Its Military-Political Presence in the World: the Concept of Regional Circles (ISTORIYA) -
The Features of German-Dutch Cooperation in Military-Political Sphere (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
The Malian Question in the Context of German Strategy in Africa: Political-Military Aspects (ISTORIYA) -
The Features of Cooperation between Germany and Western European Countries in the Political-Military Sphere in the 2010s (ISTORIYA) -
Evolution of the U.S. Military Presence in Europe: the Example of Germany (USA & Canada: ekonomika, politika, kultura) -
Brazilian direction of German foreign policy on the world stage: political-military aspects (Latin America) -
The Approaches of Konrad Adenauer and Angela Merkel to the Solution of Political-Military Problems: Succession or Divergence? (Novaia i noveishaia istoriia) -
Germany’s Participation in Military-political “Containment” of China (Problemy Dalnego Vostoka) -
Germany and «Libyan problem» during 2010-s (Asia and Africa Today) -