Institutional International Cooperation in the Field of School History Education as an Example of Science Diplomacy

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Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameISTORIYA

The article examines the evolution of institutional international cooperation in the field of historical science and analyzes the role of Russia in this process at the present stage. Considering the crisis state of the International Committee of Historical Sciences, which for a long time determined the international contacts of historians, today there is a need to create new platforms for the international historical community. Russia can play a special role in this, having sufficient experience in organizing major scientific events and rich human resources to formulate the scientific agenda. Over the past two years, several events have taken place in Russia at once, in which, based on the principles of science diplomacy, a new impetus was given to the modernization of school curricula in history and methods of teaching history, taking into account the study of international experience. Based on the results of the international conference “History Textbook for the Future. A New Look”, with the participation of the author of history textbooks from around the world, an important decision was made to create an international working group, which at the first stage will develop methodological recommendations for secondary school teachers around the world on teaching specific topics from world history. It seems that this group will eventually turn into an international platform for the development of international cooperation between historians.

KeywordsRussian experience, science diplomacy, school programs, history textbooks, institutional cooperation
Publication date07.11.2022
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