Articles published (for 3 years): 923
2024 - 1122023 - 4222022 - 389

Applications submitted (for 3 years): 1436
2024 - 2222023 - 6162022 - 598

Percentage accepted (for 3 years): 61.3%
2024 - 50%2023 - 69%2022 - 65%

Average time from submission to decision: 107.3 days

ISSN: 2079-8784

The Journal of Education and Science “ISTORIYA” (“History”) is a unique online periodical collecting scientific articles, as well as educational and methodological materials on history prepared by leading Russian and foreign researchers.

“ISTORIYA” provides for millions of readers round-the-clock access to historical materials, quality of which was checked by the professional historian community. The journal materials are of interest not only for researchers, teachers and students, but for all those interested in history. The international focus of the “ISTORIYA” is cooperation of professional community of historians through compare their views on actual problems of Global history.

“ISTORIYA” guarantees: 1) permanent storage of the articles 2) constant web-address 3) authentic articles and no change in the published texts. “ISTORIYA” is guided by the principles of this Editorial Policy and the Publication Ethics.