Russian Book and Press in Creating the Emigrant Community in the 20th Century

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Affiliation: Saint Petersburg State University of Culture
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg
Affiliation: Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg
Journal nameISTORIYA

The article discusses the history of book publishing in the Russian emigration in the 20th century, which arose in foreign countries after 1917. Books and periodicals in exile had their own development path, unlike the Soviet one. The article gives a brief description of book publishing in Russian, examines the activities of libraries and publishing centers in preserving the cultural heritage of pre-revolutionary Russia. Particular attention is paid to the organizational function of the book, which was embodied in cultural and educational events, book projects and publishing series aimed at reproducing among immigrants cultural images and literary works that demonstrate the idea of Russian culture and homeland to the younger generation, which most of these were aimed at projects. The paper analyzes genre-thematic areas in book publishing, which are mainly reflected in memoir prose and press of political organizations.

KeywordsRussian emigration, book business, periodicals, children's book of Russian abroad, Russian culture of the 20th century
Publication date28.02.2021
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