Regional autonomy in Italy: constitutional-legal aspects

Publication type Article
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Southern Federal University
Kuban State University
Address: Russian Federation, Krasnodar
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
EditionIssue 9

In this article, the constitution-legal status of ordinary and special areas in the state-territorial structure of Italy is analyzed in terms of models of differentiation of spheres of competence and configurations of systems of public authorities. The similarities and differences of the usual and special areas of Italy are considered. It is noted that in some aspects the constitutional and legal status of conventional areas is more perfect than the special areas. The conclusion is drawn that the existing model of the state-territorial structure of Italy is characterized by a fragmented strengthening of democratic principles with the reservation by the state of the powers to regulate the competence of conventional regions produced against the background of particular asymmetry.

KeywordsConstitution, Italy, autonomy, ordinary and special areas, status, competence, system of public authorities
Publication date31.10.2018
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