Formation of state-legal bases the Soviet agrarian system (1917 - the second half of the 1930s): a review of research

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Occupation: Professor of Law Faculty, Constitutional and Municipal Law Department of Rostov state Economic University “RINH”; Professor of the Department of “Civil Law” of the Don state Technical University
Rostov state Economic University “RINH”
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The article examines the formation of the state-legal bases of the Soviet agrarian system. The foundations of the agrarian system of the USSR were enshrined in constitutions and other acts of constitutional significance. Many problems of the modern village are rooted in the Soviet era and are associated with collectivization and the organization of collective farms as components of the administrative and command system, which had a negative impact on law, economy and society. Therefore, the study of these patterns creates conditions for the development of mechanisms for effective state-legal regulation of agricultural and related public relations.

Keywordsbases of the agrarian system, the Soviet state, collectivization, state and legal regulation
Publication date17.03.2022
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