Trust in legal science in Russia: methodological and praxeological issues

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Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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The article examines the problem of trust in legal science in different historical epochs in Russia. The level of trust in it is directly related to the adequate reflection in its theoretical positions and practical recommendations of the interests and value orientations of the people, including the legitimate political elite. In the modern world, going through the era of globalism and turbulence, the idea of the inevitability of the loss of confidence in "national law" is supported. However, in Russia, for which its sovereignty is an indisputable value, the opposite tendency is strengthening in legal science, aimed at preserving the idea of a civil society, in which emerging conflicts are resolved with strict adherence to national legal procedures. The role of legal science, freed from pseudo-knowledge and delusions, in these conditions can hardly be overestimated

Keywordstrust, intelligentsia, legal ideology, legal law, legal procedures, revolution, Russia, legal science, legal education, public opinion, legal norms, legal values
Publication date28.06.2021
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