Systematic approach in the study of labor relations

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Occupation: Associate Professor of the Altai state University
Affiliation: Altai state University
Address: Russian Federation, Barnaul
Occupation: Associate Professor of the Altai state University
Affiliation: Altai state University
Address: Russian Federation, Barnaul
Journal nameGosudarstvo i pravo
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The article discusses the application of a systematic approach to the study of labor relations. With the development of labor legislation, the tendency to expand the scope of contractual regulation of the labor process becomes apparent. This testifies to the inevitability of shifting the emphasis in regulating the relations of the employer and employee to local and individual levels. In such a situation, the application of a systematic approach to labor relations becomes necessary and relevant, as it allows the employer at the local level to avoid mistakes when using various legal instruments. The article notes that the study of labor relations from the perspective of a systematic approach allows the use of certain provisions of synergetics.

Keywordscontractual regulation, local level, employee, employer, system, systematic approach, synergetics, structure, labor contract, labor relations
Publication date02.02.2020
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