Mathematical model of the optimal control process of the balance of the joint-distribution pension system

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Occupation: Postgraduate student
Affiliation: Far East Federal University
Address: Russian Federation, Vladivostok
Journal nameEkonomika i matematicheskie metody
EditionVolume 54 Issue 4

The author describes how to build a dynamic actuarial balance model of the distribution component of the budget of the Pension Fund. In the course of the research, the analysis of the main characteristics of the actuarial estimation models of pension systems at the state level used in international practice is given. An analysis is made of the possibilities of applying the models in question within the framework of the mandatory pension insurance system of the Russian Federation. The author implements the construction of a dynamic actuarial model of the assessment of the balance of the joint-distribution pension system, taking into account the specifics of the socio-economic development and legislation of this state. The author offers a long-term forecast of the level of balance of contributions and benefits (associated with the formation of the insurance part of the labour old-age pension) which is based on the construction of actuarial models and using of statistical data. In the study the analysis of t controlling impacts to reduce the level of emerging budget deficit of Pension Fund of Russia in the long term is performed. The description of the combined and differentiated influence of the factors on consideration of the state of the pension system is also given. The novelty of the approach being implemented is the development of a set of control actions on the parameters of the actuarial basis that will allow the Russian pension system to be balanced in the long run and also to study the stability of the constructed model if the values of the considered values deviate from the main forecast values within the specified areas of change.

Keywordsbudget deficit of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, an actuarial basis, control of the balance of the joint-distribution pension system
Publication date15.01.2019
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