Nikolay P. Fedorenko as the Founding Father of CEMI

Publication type Article
Status Published
Occupation: academician
Affiliation: Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (1963—2003)
Address: Moscow, Russia; USA
Journal nameEkonomika i matematicheskie metody
EditionVolume 54 Issue 3

The article is concerned with the work of CEMI and its leading scholars as well as with the personal contribution of the founder and first director of the institute, the Founding Father of CEMI, Academician Nikolay P. Fedorenko. The author focuses on three key moments: (1) historical environment and tasks for the creation of CEMI; (2) academician N. Fedorenko’s style and methods of scientific leadership at CEMI; (3) assessment of CEMI and, more generally, of the economical-mathematical research; further perspectives. The scholarly success of CEMI, the rapid increase in staff numbers, as well as the obviously enthusiastic atmosphere were proof of the high effectiveness of CEMI’s management. According to the author, there was a positive feedback between the achievements of departments and CEMI’s leadership. That proves the top-level scientific management, contributing to the multiplication of particular results. That is why the author is deeply convinced that Academician Fedorenko can be truly considered as CEMI’s Founding Father

KeywordsNikolay P. Fedorenko, history of CEMI, foundation of CEMI, CEMI leadership, CEMI outputs, economic-mathematical research, scientific management, positive feedback.
Publication date10.10.2018
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