The Human Being: individual and global. To the 90th anniversary of the birth of I.T. Frolov

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Occupation: Leading Research Fellow
Affiliation: Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: 12/1, Goncharnaya str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation
Occupation: Researcher
Affiliation: Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: 12/1, Goncharnaya str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation
Journal nameChelovek
EditionVolume 30 Issue №5

Celebration article on the 90th anniversary from the birthday of the founder of the magazine “People” academician Ivan T. Frolov. The article gives a general outline of the diverse contribution of I. T. Frolov to the development of science, culture and social life of our country. Special attention is paid to the main ideas of his philosophical concept. The actual aspects of I. T. Frolov's works on globalism and bioethics are considered. It is shown that I. T. Frolov's ideas concerning globalistics and bioethics have substantial unity. The essence of it – in a comprehensive approach to the problem of man and his future.

KeywordsI. T. Frolov, Soviet philosophy, Marxism, bioethics, globalistics
Publication date20.11.2019
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