«The Human: Transcending the Bounds»

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Occupation: Science editor
Affiliation: “The Human” journal
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Journal nameChelovek
EditionVolume 30 Issue №3

The article covers some peculiarities of the views of Corresponding Member of the RAS B.G. Yudin on the phenomenon of "technoscience" in its relation to traditional science as those peculiarities are reflected in the recently published collection of his works "Man: Transcending the bounds" and the relation of these views to the “projective approach” of G.P. Schedrovitsky; to the latter’s criticism of traditional science and to Schedrovitsky’s opposing of "artificial" and "natural", in which opposition B.G. Yudin saw one of the main ethical and epistemological problems of modern scientific knowledge. It is alleged that the late work of B.G. Yudin, when concerned with reflection on modern cognition, is both the adoption and further development of the “projective approach”, and, at the same time, the polemic with it, the upholding of the values of traditional science. The important role of the analysis of “hidden knowledge” in the book “Personal knowledge” by M. Polanyi for understanding of many features of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge in general and the research, scientific, practical and scientific-organizational work of B. G. Yudin in particular, including his work as the chief editor of the magazine "The Human" is identified. The role of B.G. Yudin in the development of the concept and practice of humanitarian expert review and expert analysis and the difficulties of establishing and implementing this concept in the context of the general situation in the Soviet and post-Soviet social studies, as well as the similarity and difference of his ideas about humanitarian expertise with the practice of so-called "Technology assessment" is described. A number of contradictions in the interpretation of the concept of humanitarian expertise in the works of the scientist presented in the Collection and the objective inevitability of such contradictions are noted.

KeywordsB.G. Yudin, The Human being: Transcending the Bounds Collected works, methodology, epistemology, techno-science, tacit knowlege, humanitarian expert review
Publication date24.06.2019
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