The Second United States – Africa Leaders Summit (13–15 December 2022)

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The article is devoted to the second U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which was convened by Biden’s Administration and took place in Washington on 13–15 December 2022. 47 African countries were invited. 35 state presidents and 12 prime-ministers and ministers of foreign affairs participated in the work of the Summit. The African Union was represented by its chairperson, president of Senegal M.Sall. In the course of the first day of the Summit, the key spheres of cooperation were considered at 7 sessions. Business Forum was held on the second day. On the third day – “Leaders Day” – the heads of delegations discussed the ways of partnership in implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063.

The author analyses the speeches by J.Biden, Vice-president K.Hurris and the Secretary of State A.J.Blinken as well as a joint statement of J.Biden and the African Union chairperson, president of Senegal M.Sall “Vision for U.S.-Africa Partnership”. The following vectors of U.S.-Africa cooperation are reviewed: policy, economy, food security, democracy, security and stability, environment, climate, clean energy, healthcare, Afro-American diaspora, youth, and women.

The peculiarity of the conceptional design of the Summit is its non-confrontational spirit. It was decided in Washington that, in order to strengthen the US positions on the continent, it is advisable not to make obvious attempts to draw Africa into anti-Russian and anti-Chinese alliance, but to act under the guise of benevolent and impartial partner. This foresight and flexibility helped the US to give the Summit a constructive image and gain some political points.

KeywordsСША, Африка, Африканский Союз, партнерство, политика, экономика, продовольственная безопасность, афроамериканская диаспора
Keywords list (other)United States, Africa, African Union, partnership, policy, economy, food security, Afro-American diaspora
Publication date14.03.2023
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