Russian initiative to unblock water conflicts in the Middle East

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Occupation: Professor, Head, Middle East & North Africa Section
Affiliation: HSE University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 12

The paper is based on the materials of the Strategic Session on the problems of "Water Diplomacy", which was held in Moscow at the end of October 2021 by the НSE University (Russia) together with the Russian Ecological Society, Geneva Water Hub, International Association of Lake Regions and a number of other international and regional environmental organizations.

The discussion focused on issues related to the implementation of the Russian initiative to form an international expert working group on water and environmental problems of the Middle East.

The article tells about the projects of solving water problems in the Middle East in a collective format, about the reasons that complicate the implementation of these plans.

An important place in the article is dedicated to the evaluation of the activities of the first joint environmental projects in the Middle East with the participation of representatives of Arab countries and Israel, the analysis of the most optimal ways to move towards the formation of a region-wide system of rational and safe water use in the Middle East. In this context, specific proposals are being considered, including the creation of a regional unified water center - the Middle East Water Council.

KeywordsMiddle East, water scarcity, “water diplomacy”, ecology, multilateral group on water resources, Geneva Water Hub, Russian Ecological Society, HSE University
Publication date08.12.2021
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