On Children of Mixed Race Say a Word (To the 20th anniversary of the Charity Fund «Metis»)

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Affiliation: Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Journal nameAsia and Africa Today
EditionIssue 10

The article is devoted to the study of the complex and little-studied problem of racially mixed families and their offspring living in Russia. The history of the Russian charity Fund METIS, which for 20 years has been dealing with the problems of social adaptation of children from mixed marriages.

Today it is impossible to say with certainty that our active acquaintance and the adoption of rules approved in the world community, has simplified the lives of these contingents, both organizationally and psychologically, in Russia itself. Nevertheless, it is in the context of modern social development that it is necessary to understand that in trying to enter the planetary common cultural space, we ourselves must first of all not only facilitate the process of integration of mestizos into the one-racial world, but also, on the contrary, learn from them and through them the rules of multi-racial hostel, social harmony and tolerance, so scarce in today’s Russia.

Russian society will undoubtedly lose a lot if it starts to reject groups of “racial hybrids”, which are nevertheless carriers of Russian culture, living in many ways Russian values and at the same time able to translate them into other civilizations, owning local cultural-semantic, information and behavioral codes. And in this regard, a wealth of many years of international experience is extremely useful, using which you can try to more or less successfully control the situation, providing this group with both information and advice, and moral assistance.

KeywordsRussia, METIS Foundation, mixed marriages, Metis children, racial discrimination, culture
Publication date31.10.2019
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