Transport in Africa: capabilities and prospects

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Africa continues to attract international business with significant mineral resources and potential for the sales increase of finished products, as well as cheap labor force. Along with this, the continent offers a wide range of opportunities for foreign companies interested in the implementation of the promising programs in a number of the economic sectors. In order to attract TNCs and foreign capital, African governments are striving to create the most favorable business conditions, particularly by improving the investment climate. As a result of the actions of national administrations, high rates of inflow of foreign direct investments remain. At the same time, despite all the measures taken, there are factors that impede the FDIs, one of which is the underdeveloped transport infrastructure. This issue is more relevant to the western, central and eastern parts of the continent, where the state of the sector is poorer in comparison to the north and south of Africa. However, in response to the challenge, all African countries in general are developing programs to modernize existing and create new sector facilities. The main focus is on the implementation of complex projects, which, in particular, include freight and cargo corridors that combine highways and railways, river routes, major seaports and airports. Successful development of the transport infrastructure, first of all, will contribute to the inflow of capital to the region, diversification of the regional economy and increase in productivity. In addition, the processes of integration of regional markets into the world economy will be intensified and additional rates of economic growth will be ensured.  

Keywordsinvestments, trade, transport infrastructure, economic diversification, economic growth, Africa
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