World Outlook and General Scientific Prerequisites of the Logico-Meaningful Method of Pitirim Sorokin’s “Dynamics”: a Reconstruction

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Occupation: Prof., St. Petersburg State University
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Address: Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
EditionНомер 8

The components of the logico-meaningful method of sociologist P.A. Sorokin's work "Social and Cultural Dynamics" are studied, the influence on its genesis of ideas of L.I. Petrazhitsky, M.M. Kovalevsky, K.F. Zhakov, European discussion about the directions of formal logic reformation is defined, its stages are defined. The article systematically analyzes theoretical and methodological synthesis of ideas in the field of inductive logic, logic of relations, philosophy of "limitism" and its use in the theory of social interaction and the theory of social groups, carried out by P.A. Sorokin in the Russian period of his career. A significant influence of L.I. Petrazhitsky's logical ideas on the formation of Sorokin's method (first of all, his concept of the logical unity of scientific knowledge) is proved. It is shown that the logical-semantic method formulated in the final version of "Social and Cultural dynamics" also includes the principle of multifactorial social processes taken by P.A. Sorokin from M.M. Kovalevsky.

KeywordsP.A. Sorokin, logic-meaningful method, sociological methodology, history of sociology, арplied logic
Publication date03.10.2023
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