Sociology of Thinking of N.I. Bukharin

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Journal nameSotsiologicheskie issledovaniya
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In his main work “The Theory of Historical Materialism” (1921), N.I. Bukharin (1888–1938) conceptualized the materialistic view of history by K. Marx and F. Engels into Marxist sociology. Within the framework of the latter, the subject of his consideration was the sociology of thinking as part of the Marxist sociology of cognition. Thus Bukharin in many aspects anticipated the sociology of knowledge of M. Scheler and K. Mannheim. In “Theory…” he approaches the sociology of thinking mainly from the side of the genesis and evolution of language, in “Philosophical Arabesques” (1937) – mainly from the side of the “ideological style of the era” and the problem of sociomorphism of social consciousness. Between 1921 and 1937 Bukharin constantly returns to the theme of the sociology of cognition and thinking, taking into account the developments of viewpoints of M. Scheler and K. Mannheim.

KeywordsMarxism, superstructure, ideology, Marxist sociology, sociology of cognition, sociology of knowledge, sociology of thinking, language, ideological style of the era, sociomorphism
Publication date27.12.2022
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