Central Europe in the concepts of Czech Slavists of the interwar period

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The significant development of Czech, or Czechoslovak, Slavonic studies, which in the interwar period superseded Vienna as the leading authority, was fostered by a strong generation of Czech cultural historians and philologists who subjected to examination the unity of Slavonic language, literature and culture. Parallel to it were the structuralist impulses of the Prague Linguistic Circle (F. Wollman; R. Jakobson etc.). The Czech concept of Central Europe was grounded in the minimalist delimitation reducing this area to the Hapsburg Empire, while believing in the intermediary mission of a small nation located between Germany and Russia. At the same time, no one doubted that in this antinomy of values the Czechs adhered to the Western civilization. 

KeywordsCentral Europe, Czech Slavonic Studies, Interwar Czechoslovakia, Czech Comparatives, History of Science, Area Studies
Publication date27.05.2019
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